Online quotes for cheap travel insurance including the over 65, over 70, over 75 or over 80. Redwood provides a wide range of cover at a competitive premium. Single trips up to 12 months, up to age 84 inclusive.

For travellers aged 85 or over (especially with medical conditions) an click here for our alternative option. Long stay travel insurance is available for up to 12 months.

Customers who buy Redwood travel insurance will find a policy that should meet their requirements including existing medical conditions (subject to screening)

Unusual travel insurance needs can usually be met. Higher cancellation cover (over £10,000 a person), uncertain returning dates (not over 365 days), cover for extending a trip or purchase after leaving the UK may be accommodated. Call us on 01207 509446 for assistance. Each case will be treated on its own merits.

This policy is suitable for residents of the UK / Channel Island/ Isle Of Man 84 or under who want a single trip for less than a year or are under 75 ( under 80 if travelling is restricted to Europe) and want an annual travel policy for up to 93 days a trip. If your needs fall outside these limitations ‘Click Here to obtain immediate cover' – or call us for our full range of travel insurance products.

Travel insurance summary

  • Available for travellers up to and including the age of 74 (annual travel insurance) or 84 (single trip travel insurance).
  • Annual travel insurance: includes a choice of 31, 45, 61 or 93 days per trip, including cover for the over 65 right up to and including 74 (79 if travelling only to Europe). Click here for annual travel insurance if over 75
  • Single trip Insurance cover includes long stays, 365 days cover for up to and including age 84
  • 3 Levels of Cover providing, (amongst other covers)
  • Bronze - £5,000,000 medical cover, £1,000 cancellation £500 luggage cover OR
  • Silver - £5,000,000 medical cover, £3,000 cancellation, £1,750 luggage cover OR
  • Gold - Unlimited medical cover, £10,000 cancellation, £2,500 luggage
  • Optional Additional benefits include: golf equipment, business equipment, hazardous activities, excess deletion, travel dispute cover, Natural Catastrophe.
  • End supplier (Scheduled airline failure) cover is included as standard.
  • Many existing medical conditions can be covered – fully interactive online underwriting.